Development and design of visual identities, systems design, publication, art direction, web, UX/UI and exhibition design. Curious about design as experience and the intersection of culture + visual aesthetics + technology.

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Visual identity for venue located in a historically registered former Masonic Temple, where music patrons ascend a classically checkered staircase arriving onto a spacious second story landing having left street level and normalcy entering the Lodge Room —thus a portal to performance.
Imagemaking and Illustration for various projects and clients. Analog and digital techniques versed in a variety of styles.

Experimental web design. The funny thing about web is that no one ever established legimate design rules, they somehow just started appearing. The hamburger icon... what the fuck is that? I like to make experimental websites in my spare time.

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Responsive web design and UX/UI for Some Place Chronicles, curated by CalArts as a series of five creative placemaking projects set in five unincorporated communities located in the Second District of Los Angeles County. Led by Calarts and East of Borneo.

— In collaboration with Jessica Lee
Art direction and styling for music video. Ask me more about the conceptual meaning being aesthetics, it gets pretty deep.
Graphic and product design for School of Doodle, a peer-to-peer online platform dedicated to activating girl/gender nonconforming artist's and activist's imaginations through entertainment, education and community.
Visual design through performance and installation made during 2016 ISIA Urbino / Werkplaats Typografie Summer School under guidance of Barbara Ermeti, Armand Mevis, Maureen Mooren and Leonardo Sonnoli.
Publication design presenting thorough research of the history of Freemasonry and a contemporary feminist critique of the brotherhood. Double sided book, printed in B/W and CMYK on white and astrobright paper and perfect bound.
Visual identity for contemporary art gallery located in Filipino Town, Los Angeles.
Live stream of daily sunset as a study of organic synthetic during month long residency at Andrea Zittel's AZ West.

— In collaboration with Mookyung Sohn
Exhibition presenting speculative works exploring themes related to the economic-socio-political structures of late capitalism: neoliberalism, the cloud/stack, and states of ‘hypernormalization.’ through the lense of graphic design. Check out over here.

— In collaboration with Onyou Kim, Sohee Kim, Nadia Korepanova, Marco Lukini, Dameon Waggoner and Guanyan Wu under guidance of Anther Kiley.